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Preparing Young Adults for the Real World

With over ten years of experience, The Honorable Matthew A. Pigatt is a sought-after speaker whose authentic approach to professional development, community leadership, and historical wisdom inspires awareness and action. Whether delivering a keynote or presenting a workshop, Matthew consults with colleges, school districts, and non-profits to motivate young adults and education professionals to become the leaders our communities need. Growing up as a juvenile delinquent with a 2.1 GPA in high school, Matthew can relate to our youth’s challenges. Through the power of mentorship, he gained real-world experience in earning over $100,000 in competitive scholarships, exploring diverse cultures through international research programs, and becoming a Mayor.

Matthew’s message inspires audiences to realize their purpose and work to become better people in this world. He specializes in speaking and training in urban and culturally diverse communities.

Featured Speaking Topic

Breaking Out of The Box: Life Lessons from a Juvenile Delinquent who Became a Mayor

Many of us grow up feeling as if there is something we are supposed to do, but due to our current challenges, we may feel purposeless. This can lead to a lack of motivation, anxiety, and depression. Through personal stories, Matthew shares a powerful message of overcoming the odds, realizing your purpose, and leveraging your gifts to contribute to this world.

This interactive keynote will leave audience members motivated to:

  • Transform their unique challenges and experiences into valuable skill sets.
  • Focus on continued professional development as the key to sustained success
  • Create a purpose-driven life through community engagement

This talk is ideal for:

  • Student pep rallies
  • Teacher and staff motivation
  • Dropout prevention
  • Programs for students experiencing societal challenges
  • Inspiring young adults

Topics covered: success, resiliency, mentoring, mental health, discovering purpose, becoming mission-driven, personal development, academic achievement, career development, professional development, community service, relationship building


"amazingly positive role model"

Matthew Pigatt is such an amazingly positive role model. His positivity and fresh approach are heartfelt. We need to provide more opportunities for students to SEE themselves in the curriculum so that they can better connect to and relate to the curriculum.

Amy Jacobson Teacher, Deerfield Beach High School.

YOU need to be all over this nation telling every 9th grade student or high schooler in the beginning of every year what they need to be doing because that was the most awesome thing. It kept their attention. It was very engaging. I was almost in tears

Arie High school teacher

"they were really inspired by Matthew"

“I have never seen our students more engaged. They were asking questions. They were writing notes and you can tell they were really inspired by what Matthew had to say.”

Latrell Carr Program Manager for Broward County Public School’s MTLP

I appreciate your approach to inspire teachers to continue to plant the seeds of knowledge.

Diana Stevens Teacher, Dave Thomas Education Center

"great starting point to begin my quest"

The resources provided today gave me a great starting point of how to begin my quest for knowledge. Thanks for empowering us today.

Karrah Fort Site Based School Social Worker, McFatter Technical College & High

Featured Speaking Topic

The Academic Hustle™: How to Pay for School, Travel, and Secure a Better Job

The Academic Hustle™ is based upon the personal transformation and national award-winning research conducted by Matthew A. Pigatt. Matthew entered college on academic probation and all loans, yet graduated magna cum laude from Morehouse College with over $100,000 in scholarships, competitive fellowships, and an international research training program.

Through guidance and support of researchers from UC-Berkeley, Emory University, Morehouse College, United Negro College Fund, and the National Institute of Mental Health, Matthew explored the characteristics and factors of Black male professionals at the top of their field and students that achieve an over 3.3 GPA who went on to become Fulbright Scholars, Olympians, and Wall Street professionals. Through The Academic Hustle™, students are given a clear game plan to ensure their educational experience sets them up for a prosperous career.

This talk is ideal for:

  • High-school & college students
  • First-year experience programs
  • College and career development programs
  • Motivating urban and culturally diverse students
  • Professional development for teachers, guidance counsellors, academic advisors and service providers

Topics covered: academic achievement, scholarships, internships, study abroad, career development, professional development, community service, relationship building


"wisdom from his award-winning research"

“The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. has mentored thousands of youth to career achievement. Matthew is one of our best. Through The Academic Hustle, he distills the wisdom gained from his national award-winning research on our members and his personal transformation into a manual for excellence in education and beyond.”

Al Dotson Chairman Emeritus, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. 

“How to pay for college is the number one obstacle that prohibits too many students with great potential from earning a degree. This guide offers insightful and innovative ideas about how to achieve that goal without amassing massive debt, which will enable young people to focus on what’s most important--building bright futures.”

Frederica S. Wilson Congresswoman (D24 - Florida) 

"very engaging"

“I am very happy with the presentation. I think students really understood the things that we constantly push, which is to pursue opportunities, focus on grades. You were very engaging.”

Monica Minchala Director of Miami Dade College STEM First-Year experience

"They need to hear this workshop"

“I certainly think anybody looking to go into the career field, anybody who is looking to changing their lives, getting out of unemployment, and just getting out of the cycle that they’re in, and getting into the career choice that they want to get into, and certainly to seek the type of life they want…it goes with this…The Career Hustle

Russell Battiata Campus Director, CBT College

"It was absolutely awesome! It epitomizes everything that your teen needs to know, needs to hear. Everything you have been telling them but they will not listen. They need to hear this workshop...He needs to come and talk to every teen that you know!"

Regina Harris Parent at Jack and Jill Southeastern Regional Conference

Featured Speaking Topic

#OurStory is Our Power: Black History to Empower the Next Generation of Leaders

Black history is human history, world history, and within it lies the keys to understanding how this world works. Since ancient times, leaders of civilizations across the world have used history to motivate people to do great work. All the sciences and professions are just a history of people in a particular field. This series of presentations pulls upon thousands of years of history across the globe to put into perspective how we have the power to change and make an impact in today’s world.

This talk is ideal for:

  • Diversity, equity, & inclusion training
  • Cultural-responsive teaching workshop
  • Motivating urban and culturally diverse students
  • Black male achievement programs
  • Community leadership workshops
  • Black history, culture, and heritage keynotes

Topics covered: Black History, World History, African History, Asian History, History of the Americas, Black history across the globe before slavery, history of our “modern” world, little-known Black history facts, Juneteenth, and history of African Americans.


"an amazing way to uplift and empower anyone"

"Teaching students to embrace the greatness they come from rather than from a place of less than, is an amazing way to uplift and empower anyone.

Kim Cunningham Teacher, Native American Educator, and Equity Liaison at Welleby Elementary

"This was the best training I've attended through Equity and Diversity…I am ready to do this work. This will impact my practice because it has opened my mind to ways to integrate the history of Africa before slavery."

Kylle Elizabeth Summers Teacher at Glades Middle School

"Please make this a required course"

I strongly feel that this course should be delivered to faculty at every school in the county. The information is vital and Mr. Pigatt is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging. Please make this a required course for anyone dealing with students in any capacity!

Angelica Saintelus Music Teacher, Stirling Elementary

"I loved learning about everything! The speaker is dynamic, authentic, and extremely knowledgeable. This training is a must for everyone working in the school system. I know this will impact my instruction by teaching it to my students and colleagues. I already started with teaching my own family at the dinner table last night. This MUST be shared with all schools and students. I would welcome you as a guest speaker in my class anytime."

Candace Blake English teacher, Coral Springs High School

"I was left wanting more"

"This was the best training I have ever done with the district. Extremely relevant. Love the history, the presenter - everything!"

Charlsey Stroud CSchool Social Worker, Lauderdale Manors Elementaryampus Director, CBT College

"Loved the training, I was left wanting more and more…has made me want to learn the history of the world as a hobby. Just give me a better understanding of the human race in general and have the ability to share with my children and grandchildren."

Jennifer King Early Learning and Language Acquisition Department, Broward Public Schools
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